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Texas Oil Careers is the largest Texas oil jobs listings and recruiting site for the oil and gas industry in Texas.

Texas Oil Companies And Recruiters

When your company needs help with staffing, Texas Oil Careers is here to help. We put together a custom recruiting platform that can handle the needs of any oilfield company from large to small.

When you create your free account you will have your own recruiting platform. Within your account you can track applications and manage resumes. With our flexible platform you can post jobs and get them filled easily. Each job posting will be displayed for 30 days.

 Job Seekers

We use social media to reach out to the best workers you can find. Job seekers can also sign up for free and apply for jobs by uploading their resume. Your application will be sent directly to the employer for review. Be sure to sign up for custom job alerts delivered right to your email when new jobs come in. Let the jobs come to you, instead of going out and finding them. 

Texas oil jobs listings Site

With a strong social media presence, Texas Oil Careers is your premiere oilfield recruiting site for the state of Texas. Join today for free and be a part of the largest oilfield community in Texas.

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