Pioneer NR CO. & Halliburton Predict U.S. Oil Rig Drilling Explosive Growth – Are We Heading To The Next Hiring Boom?

Posted by | September 29, 2016 | News

Oil Rig DrillingOil Rig DrillingOil Rig DrillingOil Rig DrillingPioneer Natural Resources Co. Chief Executive Officer Scott Sheffield predicted that oil rigs will see an Epic increase in the area considered to be U free project planning software.S. shale drillers’ version of prime real estate over the next months. Pioneer has the highest gross production of any driller in the Spraberry and Wolfcamp formations in the Texan oil field.

Pioneer so joins Halliburton, by stating the US oil industry is “getting back to business” Halliburton CEO Dave Lesar declared he believes market “has turned” and his oil services giant is preparing for the “upcycle.” Halliburton thinks the 78% plunge in oil rigs finally “reached a landing point” in the second quarter. Halliburton expects that trend to continue, forecasting an uptick during the second half of the year. Oil Rig Drilling are to see an epic increase!tutorial android

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 Pioneer Expects an Oil Rig Drilling Explosive Growth in The Permian Basin

The biggest player in the Permian Basin, America’s most coveted oil field, thinks rig counts in region are poised for explosive growth. Adding a rig in the Permian, he warned, results in an outsized boost to U.S. oil production four to six months down the road. At a conference on Wednesday, Sheffield said he sees output in the region “really taking off” in the first half of next year, with aggregate U.S. production beginning to skyrocket again in 2017.The Permian region can grow production by 300,000 barrels per day, per year, according to Sheffield. 


Halliburton Oil Jobs In Texas: Company Admits It Needs To Staff Up Quickly

HAL admits that the company has to staff up and quickly, Some of the workers laid off have retired, while others have moved into other industries., and now that the company is back heading towards serious drilling they are having difficulties in finding experienced and not so experienced workers.

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Halliburton’s president, played down concerns that the company would not be able to meet increased demand as the industry recovers. He also pointed out that it had experience of staffing up quickly, and that is exactly what they are heading to.

Why Are Land Buyers Stampeding Into Texas Oil Patch?

According to Wall Street Journal, the rush to Permian Basin is sign that long-awaited recovery in oil and gas prices may be near. In some cases, Permian drilling properties are fetching prices that exceed those paid when oil prices were above $100 a barrel two years ago! The competition for these deals is really at a fever pitch. Half of the $25.5 billion that has been paid this year for U.S. onshore drilling properties has been spent in the Permian Basin.


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