Laid Off Texas Oil And Gas Workers Awarded $13 Million Grant!

Posted by | October 27, 2016 | News


$13.3M will come to the aid of thousands of oil and gas workers who lost their jobs. According to the recent news, the DWGs (National Dislocated Worker Grant) award was authorized with $13,293,207 of a total approved amount of $16,309,807, which will go to towards Texas Workforce Commission.

This grant will help employees that were sacked following the meltdown 2 years ago. Recent news states that the project will focus on small communities whose income mainly rely on oil and gas industry.

Texas is feeling this change more than any other. Around ninety-nine thousand jobs in the state have been cast aside since prices fractured few years ago, this contributes to one third of the entire industry. In 4th month alone there were 6,300 people in oil and gas services were handed pink slips. This is the worse Employment crisis seen since the aftermath of the financial collapse in 2009.

The DOL has authorized a fund that will offer re-employment services to employees crushed by the recent meltdown in the oil and gas industry.

After 350,000 Layoffs Oil Companies Now Face Worker Shortages

Currently there is a growing absence of skilled work force in the oil industry. That may look absurd in an business that has been rapidly dropping workers, with over 350,000 people sacked in the
oil and gas industry nationwide.

Vacancies Increasing Daily

The Texas Oil and Gas Industry will eventually revive, and when it does it will do it fast. What you need to do right now is take some time and get yourself ready. Submit your resume, and search for available jobs now. Get ahead of the game and be prepared. YOU could get hired, just apply, and Share this post with your facebook friends.