If Trump Is The Best Choice For The Oilfield…Why Are Oil Giants Supporting Clinton?! Read And Discuss NOW, Before Its Too Late

Posted by | September 15, 2016 | News

Then Why Is Big Oil Backing Clinton Over Trump?! Trump has been under the spotlight for the oilfield community. Trump’s proposed boost to the oil industry could bring desperately needed Oilfield Jobs to depressed communities. “Lots of jobs,” Trump said. Oh lord, that is exactly what we need!!…Many oilfield workers who have suffered recent laid-offs, are looking closely at him, hoping that if elected, he would craft an “America First” energy plan, eliminating oil and gas imports and boosting fossil fuel production by removing Obama administration regulations as he promised. Hillary Reportedly Raises ‘Twice As Much’ From the Oil Industry As Trump.Then Why Is Big Oil Backing Clinton Over Trump?!

Who Are The Oil Industry Big Players supporting?

The staunchly GOP-aligned oil industry isn’t yet willing to embrace Donald Trump — and some of its lobbyists wonder if they could stomach seeing Hillary Clinton in the White House instead.

Industry-linked donors and oil patch voters have shown a clear preference for Cruz, who has received more in direct donations from oil and gas interests, according to the nonpartisan Center for Responsive Politics. But Clinton ranks next among the still-active presidential candidates!

 According to data collected by the Center for Responsive Politics, although the oil and gas industry has so far donated US$18.3 million to candidates with a clear-cut 96.3-percent preference for Republicans, Clinton has managed to raise US$550,971 versus Trump’s measly US$153,974. More than half of the industry’s donations this time around were splashed on previous players, most notably Republicans Jeb Bush.

Given Trump’s full-throated defense of domestic oil and gas production, one might think that CEOs in the oil and gas sector would be far more supportive of his campaign than they have been up to this point. However the paltry O&G contributions to Trump indicate that some Oil big players don’t think the same

WTF! Why Is Big Oil Backing Clinton Over Trump?!

According to Jerry Taylor, Big Oil is reluctant to donate to the campaign because it considers Trump unfit to run the country and because his hostility to free oil trade potentially hurts company interests in the global oil and gas markets.

It’s precisely this unknown element of Trump’s personality—his unpredictable and unconventional nature—that is supremely unsettling to major industry players.

Apparently, Trump’s flip-flopping remarks on fracking have unnerved the shale industry, even if Trump’s potential energy secretary appointee was said to be Continental Resources (NYSE:CLR) chief executive Harold Hamm.

Go Figure!! So Big Oil is shunning Trump and putting a bit of money on Clinton, and energy groups are still uncertain how the Democrat candidate — if elected — would handle fracking at home, renewables subsidies, or new oil and gas exploration permits.

Still, most oil advocates are not exactly warming to Clinton. They worry about her recent calls to ban offshore drilling outside the Gulf of Mexico, as well as her pledge to regulate drilling so strictly that there will not “be many places in America where fracking will continue”

Clinton Vs Trump: Who is better for the Oilfield?

We respect everyone’s opinions and are not here to impose anything, but our industry has been suffering with current administration, and mostly, the oilfield is for a change. Its surprising that, big players are not on the same ship oilfield workers are. Maybe they see something workers are missing. On the other hand, I cannot imagine what the oilfield will be like if Hillary makes it to the White house! Will she be part 3 of the nightmare train wreck we have already experienced with Obama? ~ No Thank You! 

Get Involved NOW, before its too late

Get Involved, NOW is the opportunity to share what you think and shout it to the world, so that other oilfield family members take action. Once elections are over, there is no time for lamenting! We need to get involved and vote for the future of our industry why not try here.

I want to get a discussion going here in the comments.  We are all part of the oilfield family who loves America and the freedoms that our Founding Forefathers fought for.  And I’m looking for the right person to do the job, just like you are.  So, let the discussion begin. Make Sure You Share This With Every Single Person You Know That Is Employed In The Oil And Gas Industry. If You’re A Member Of A Facebook Group, share it with them too. Your Job, Your Friends Jobs, Your Family’s Future Depends on the outcome of the  election. Who do Oilfield Families think is the best choice for President and WHY?

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